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Telestream offers tools to ensure UHD content compliance

Telestream has announced that the latest software for its PRISM Waveform Monitor now supports enhanced test tools for UHD and 4K/8K with RGB 4:4:4 12-bit HDR/WCG and False colour tools as well as the latest immersive audio surround formats. 

Built for post-production, live production and engineering, the latest release streamlines post-production mastering and compliance workflows for UHD, HDR, and advanced audio. 

According to Telestream, post-production staff can often subjectively gauge video quality on a regular monitor for HD/SD content, but this is very difficult to do with UHD/HDR standards. Editors and colourists need to know how much of the image is in the HDR zone, and where their lightest highlights and their darkest shadows are. 

They also need tools to tell them that the colour in the mastered content is correct and error-free. If not done correctly, media services providers such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu will reject non-compliant content causing post-production delays and cost over-runs.

“For 4K and HDR mastering, post-production teams need a new breed of tools to ensure they are making the most of these new formats,” said Charlie Dunn, SVP of Tek Video Business Unit. “PRISM provides the tools necessary to ensure compliance with UHD content requirements such as Netflix standards and enables post-production teams to guarantee their productions pop off the screen.”

In both live and post-production, there is constant time and commercial pressure to deliver high-quality content, and so anything that improves operational efficiency will bring great value. Telestream says the latest release of software introduces a new user interface specifically designed to simplify the selection, use and configuration of the broad range of applications available on PRISM. Other features in this release include the use of four active trace tiles, capture and decoding of SCTE 104 messages and the ability to select and down mix stereo and 5.1 surround audio channels.

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