2019 NAB Show: GatesAir’s latest AoIP codecs a boon for broadcasters

GatesAir will be highlighting its Intraplex Ascent, a multi-channel audio-over-IP (AoIP) transport solution that is aimed at addressing the convergence of broadcast operations with IT infrastructure. The solution was first introduced as a technology demonstration at IBC last September, but the showcase at 2019 NAB Show will mark the official introduction of the complete working solution.

Intraplex Ascent offers a direct connection to traditional digital and analogue audio interfaces; it is compliant with both the AES67 as well as AoIP networking solutions, including Ravenna, LiveWire+ and Dante. The solution is available in two forms: a 1RU server with configurable options for physical and AES67 channels; and a software-only solution that operates in a virtualised container.

Both versions support up to 32 audio channels, and are interoperable with most Intraplex AoIP codecs.

 This software-defined solution is GatesAir’s first Intraplex system integrated on a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) x86 server, and provides broadcasters with a cloud-based transport platform for multi-channel contribution and distribution.

Ascent also allows users to manage Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) streams on a centralised platform. According to GatesAir, SRT is a low-latency open source media streaming protocol which provides packet encryption and re-transmission capabilities for reliability and security. 

To further strengthen stream reliability, Ascent integrates Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS), an Intraplex technology that diversifies SRT data across redundant networks.

Keyur Parikh, vice-president and general manager, Intraplex product line, GatesAir, said: “As an innovator of AoIP codecs and networking solutions for broadcasters, GatesAir is taking the next logical step for our customers with direct integration into the IT infrastructure.

“With our DSS application and SRT capability to fortify stream security and reliability, our customers now have a simple platform to manage many channels coming in and out of the studio or headend — all on a single, highly-redundant, multi-core server.”

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