2019 NAB Show: VSN’s HTML5 add-ons greatly improve workflows

VSN will showcase a range of solutions based on IT infrastructure that supports the creation, distribution and management needs to better leverage the value of your content

VSN will be demonstrating an add-on for its VSNExplorer platform for media and workflow management: the VSNExplorer Plugin for Newsroom. The plug-in allows broadcast and media companies to interconnect newsroom computer systems (NRCS), non-linear editing (NLE), studio playout systems and video servers, among others, within a centralised workspace to create an improved workflow for news production.

The VSNExplorer Plugin for Newsroom is a media object server (MOS) Web plug-in developed in HTML5. By using this plug-in, users can display all the assets stored in the media asset management (MAM) system inside the NRCS GUI of their choice, make video edits by cut, combine the video files with graphics, drag and drop them into the NRCS stories, and send them directly to broadcast or publishing on social media and second screens.

Alongside the VSNExplorer Plugin for Newsroom is the showcase of VSN’s new Media Exchange solution. Performing like a content hub in the cloud, the Media Exchange solution is designed for environments in which media content of all types — including news, sports, advertising, programmes, films and TV series — are required to be exchanged, managed and made available to more than one location.

Completing VSN’s demonstration at booth SL7606 is VSNCrea, the company’s traffic and scheduling system. The installation of VSNCrea will enable media companies to better manage their content production catalogues, whether owned or acquired from third parties, as well as their advertising, production workflows, programming and broadcast planning — all within a single user interface. 

In addition to an intuitive Web interface, the HTML5-based VSNCrea also provides extra information such as analytical data about the “actual profitability” of the content. This solution is available as cloud-based, hosted on-premise or via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. 

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