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5G Live: The Future of Live Video Production

With today’s consumers craving unique, immersive and highly personalized media experiences to enhance and complement standard linear broadcast and VOD offerings, delivering this content seamlessly is a challenge telcos and media vendors need to overcome. Connection speed, low latency, bandwidth guarantees, and edge compute all contribute to making 5G networks the perfect content delivery mechanism for the modern consumer, as well as affording producers greater flexibility in the way content is made.

5G has the potential to solve several challenges in current-day content creation and enable new types of experiences that will wow audiences. 5G offers data rate increases both upstream and downstream, as well as the ability to manage data on the 5G connections in a more sophisticated manner than ever before.

From improved coverage of major-scale live events, to the personalization of content, 5G is enabling new media applications, such as remote production, ushering in a new era of broadcast experiences such as live 360 video. 5G is fundamental to our ability to deliver the next generation of live entertainment.


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