A new reality for OTT

MOG Technologies is offering a complete OTT platform with full support for VR content

For many organisations, the implementation of an over-the-top (OTT) platform involves deciding from several available options and the integration of multiple technologies.

To ease this process, MOG Technologies is now offering an integrated end-to-end solution covering everything from design to implementation, and is equipped with a customised, modular and scalable platform adapted to customers’ specific requirements.

The MOG OTT platform can be fully deployed on customers’ own premises, or provided “as-a-service”, and combines several options to increase return on investment (ROI). It also ensures an agile facility that can effectively manage and deliver linear and video-on-demand (VoD) content from a single workflow, added MOG.

Using this platform, users can target their audiences by ensuring that content is fully adapted to viewer profiles. They can also define the business model that best works for them while combining any type of subscription plan to monetise content: subscription-based, ad-based, free, discounts, coupons, gamification, rewards, media store, tickets, and more.

The MOG OTT platform also ensures full support for virtual reality (VR) content, integration with non-intrusive and contextual advertising, as well as a “real social experience” by integrating with viewers’ social media accounts and reaching their followers.


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