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A thoroughbred OB van that comes with bespoke control systems

Tom Garvan, manager of Solutions Sales & Proposals, Sony Australia, explained: “A key requirement for the new TRP OB van is to provide a scalable and modular solution that can be adapted to cater for various production requirements.

“To achieve this, we need a control and monitoring solution that can connect to the core system hardware using various protocols from different manufacturers to create a single unified control layer to the operators.”

The Cerebrum Control System has an extensive library of supported control protocols, which include all the key equipment Sony and TRP had chosen for the TRP system. The extensive library is able to expand monitoring and control to additional systems, including environmental monitoring, power and UPS systems, which were not included in the original scope.

Garvan added: “The wow factor comes from the customised user interfaces that can be designed for our system.”

The Axon’s Cerebrum Control System, in addition to controlling the core functions of the OB van, also offers TRP a simple user-friendly way to control its Riedel MediorNet router, as well as the vision in and the destination of the multiviewers created in MediorNet.

Garvan said: “Support from Magna for this project was key. To be honest, without Magna’s support we would not have been able to proceed. Magna was able to get the necessary commitments from Axon to provide commissioning, training and support which is vital.

“Magna staff were integral during the initial system configuration commissioning and training both pre- and post-delivery of the OB van.”

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