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Accedo enables sports bodies’ fans to enter the metaverse

Accedo has launched a new metaverse solution, Xtend Sports, to enable sports bodies such as rights holders and broadcasters to create powerful immersive metaverse sports experiences using existing web-based applications. 

Accedo Xtend Sports enables sports organisations to easily create new metaverse experiences by simply embedding existing web-based applications into a metaverse environment. As a modular solution, rights holders and broadcasters can choose only the add-ons they require, such as multi-camera, live stats, or co-watching using XR-powered avatars.

It can be easily integrated with any existing vendors and it is monetisable through creation of sponsored interactive experiences or ad-placements. The multi-platform solution works with most common virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets on the market.

Accedo Xtend Sports builds on Accedo’s extensive immersive experience to bring sports to the metaverse. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), it enables remote configuration and customisation. Video hosting, encoding, and streaming are all managed using AWS Media Services, enabling sports organisations to quickly create high quality Extended Reality (XR) content, and build live and on-demand video workflows.

Integrated with Amazon Lex, the AWS service for building conversational interfaces for applications using voice and text, video content providers can also build in voice control with advanced natural language models.

José Somolinos, Solutions Strategist & XR Lead, Accedo, said, “A growing number of organisations are looking at how to monetise the metaverse, and the sports industry is certainly in a prime position to maximise the opportunity it presents.

“Most rights holders and broadcasters already have access to the right content to deliver an immersive experience, and many also have engaged audiences that are keen to interact with their services in new ways.

Indeed, Xtend Sports is designed to give sports organisations an easy and quick route to creating fully immersive metaverse experiences for sports fans. 

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