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Actus offering multi-probe points tool to reduce viewer churn

Actus Digital, a provider of QA monitoring and compliance logging solutions, has announced a new version of its intelligent media monitoring platform. The updated platform offers tools for multi-viewer monitoring and quality assurance of multi-rendition over-the-top (OTT) streams and over-the-air linear content at multi-probe points in the video delivery chain.

Ken Rubin, Senior Vice-President at Actus Digital, explained, “Media and entertainment companies lose revenue when quality issues disrupt a viewer’s OTT experience, which makes maintaining quality across all devices paramount.

“For more than 16 years, we have consistently enhanced our platform, but this year’s new features introduce unique benefits that place Actus Digital in a class of its own.”

Actus Digital’s new platform consists of Actus OTT Synchro, which simplifies OTT monitoring with organised multi-rendition visibility. The Actus OTT Synchro platform efficiently organises many adaptive bitrate (ABR) renditions, providing immediate notification of quality issues, as well as multi-viewer identification of those affected renditions.

Actus Delivery Synchro identifies the locations where quality is impacted in the delivery chain and immediately alerts engineers, enabling them to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues.

These modules, said Actus Digital, help to reduce viewer churn that may be caused by audio-video quality issues.

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