In addition to its current services, media operators are also able to provide their viewers access to Google TV Services, through the integration of graphyne2 with Android TV.

ADB integrates graphyne2 with Android TV

Designed to enhanced user experience, graphyne2 Android empowers media operators to deliver content over multiple screens while keeping the operator’s identity

ADB has announced the integration of Android TV into its graphyne2 software suite of solutions, which is designed to provide enhanced user experience over legacy and latest generation set-top boxes (STBs), mobile and PC applications, as well as Android TV devices.

One conference delegate who visited ADB at IBC2017, said: “Thanks to graphyne2, I can improve my current service and add premium decoders. I can also run graphyne2 applications on existing smart TVs, or let the user watch the video on his tablet — all running from one backend platform and customised by the same dashboard.”

Android TV, according to ADB, provides the consumer with access to over-the-top (OTT) content directly from studios and multiple content aggregators. Using graphyne2, pay-TV operators can also provide access to Google TV Services, such as YouTube, Chromecast, and Google Play Store, while keeping all the features of ADB’s graphyne2 suite — including delivery of content over multiple screens for pay-TV and OTT services, personal recommendations, customisation and branding dashboard, remote management, analytics and A/B testing capability.

Jacek Galik, senior vice-president, sales, Eastern Europe, ADB, concluded: “I have heard pay-TV operators commenting that finally seeing the ADB’s graphyne2 launcher nicely blending the operator and OTT worlds into one, [and] keeping the operator’s identity, they can think of introducing the Android TV into their pay-TV offerings.”

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