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AI can now allow enterprise to automate operations and enhance augmentation experience in live broadcast, says Gartner. Catching on this trend, Mobile Viewpoint is utilising AI algorithms to track and capture live content. Other new AI products on its shelves at 2019 NAB Show includes IQ Sports Producer and VPilot that automates the production process for producers.

“AI is playing an important role in the production of live content — especially in sports; it can be used to track and record specific movements or players, reducing the need for entire film crews,” said Michel Bais, CEO, Mobile Viewpoint.

“Small-scale sports clubs that want to promote their games but don’t have access to full-scale production facilities can now seek to benefit from AI technology tremendously.

“The updates to our AI-driven products IQ Sports Producer and VPilot ensure that sports clubs, broadcasters and content producers can deliver more live content.”

Mobile Viewpoint’s new and improved assembly comes  equipped with AI-enabled 4K cameras and SDI-compatible component to cover specific areas of the field such as goal pitch to simulate a standard multi-camera production; and IQ Sports Producer can use a fixed-position 32MP 180-degree camera to cover the entire field of play, while the AI engine tracks players, balls or other objects during a live game.

Its VPilot uses AI to automate live production for broadcasters and event organisers; it features AI as a support to automatically insert name tags based on image and voice recognition.

Mobile Viewpoint has also added Ravenna, AES67 and Dante audio input interoperability, which easily replaces audio cables from microphones and other audio sources with a single Ethernet wire, as well as interface with third-party audio panels.

Mobile Viewpoint will conduct live demonstrations of IQ Sports Producer and VPilot next week at the NAB Show in Booth C3307.

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