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AJA enables Tokyo’s Nouvelle Vague to stream 25th Fuji Rock festival

For the 25th anniversary of Fuji Rock, the largest outdoor music festival in Japan, Tokyo’s Nouvelle Vague produced the event’s official YouTube stream, which reached a remote audience topping hundreds of thousands. 

Nouvelle Vague’s Vice President & Director Masayoshi Ikeda and his team developed an efficient and reliable live production workflow comprising AJA solutions deployed at the event venue (Naeba Ski Resort) and Nouvelle Vague’s main control centre. 

For the three-day festival, Nouvelle Vague developed a workflow to capture performances from the venue’s four main stages, and produced the official festival stream for the benefit of 200,000 remote viewers.

While stream quality was paramount to the success of the hybrid event, the team also wanted to capture the highest fidelity audio across performances since the recordings would also serve as demo materials for the artists. 

For the festival’s on-site system, Nouvelle Vague transmitted SDI 59.94i feeds from each of the four venue stages to AJA’s FS4 frame synchroniser, which converted the signals to 29.97p for ingest and streaming purposes. To route the converted signals, they used AJA’s KUMO 6464 router, which provided the flexibility required to distribute a single video feed to multiple channels. 

The ingest system included Apple Mac Studio with Softron Movie Recorder to capture and continuously record three channels for all four stages (totalling seven sources) to NAS (Network Access Storage). To prepare for any NAS network issues, the crew used AJA’s Ki Pro Ultra 12G recorder and player for redundant recording and simultaneous baseband capture without a network connection.

They also recorded feeds from all four stages with AJA’s Ki Pro GO recorder as a backup.

Ikeda said, “When it comes to integrating new technologies into our live workflows, we’re always looking for the newest and most innovative products that support workflow flexibility, like tools from AJA.

“The important thing is to consider all the possibilities for your production environment and implement new technologies or products to innovate your workflow and produce world-class content.”

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