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AJA’s FS-HDR powers 4K/UHD HDR conversion

A total of 24 FS-HDR converters were installed in a new IP-based, 4K/UHD HDR OB van

Esterna 14 is an IP-based, 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) high dynamic range (HDR) outside broadcast (OB) van jointly developed by DBW and BetaMedia, an Italian production company. To support incoming and outgoing signals for 4K/UHD-HDR, HD-HDR and HD-SDR broadcasts, BetaMedia has installed 24 AJA FS-HDR converters for HDR and wide colour gamut (WCG) conversion.

Rosario Messina, chief engineer and technical designer at BetaMedia, commented: “FS-HDR is versatile and can serve most signal functions we need, so it was a natural fit for the Esterna. If I have a signal coming in that isn’t formatted for use in the pipeline yet, I can just run it through FS-HDR in real time and the problem is solved.”

Designed to support 4K/UHD and HD productions, Esterna 14 is based on a scalable FlexIP structure with operating dimensions that can accommodate up to 36 4K/UHD Sony cameras, and 12 EVS XT4K servers. It also includes Grass Valley’s technology for IP and video switching, as well as equipment from Stage Tec and Clear-Com for audio and communications.

For HDR productions, the OB van uses an S-Log3/2SI/2160p50 profile. AJA’s FS-HDR converters are used to convert signals from outside sources for a “consistent look” across production, and to convert outbound signals accordingly to the broadcaster’s requirements.

“We can easily send and receive incoming sources from far away with copper and optical inputs that can be switched via an internal matrix, in addition to standardising or conforming new colour spaces,” Messina added. “FS-HDR also allows us to up- and down-convert, and we can vary the frame rate, de-interlace or synchronise as needed. Another advantage is the ability to vary between Level A, Level B, 2SI and more, and extract and deliver audio to the audio matrix in MADI mode.”


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