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Alibaba Cloud facilitates social interactions @ Beijing Olympics

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, has launched an innovative cloud-based technology, Cloud ME

Powered by its real-time communication (RTC) solution and Alibaba’s advanced cloud computing capabilities and extensive global network coverage, Cloud ME facilitates social interactions for people during the on-going 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing and enables them to enjoy real-time conversations with each other via life-sized, true-to-life projection.

The Cloud ME booth is set up with just a video camera and a computer to capture footage. Videos and audio are transmitted on Alibaba Cloud within 200 milliseconds due to the low latency, high availability, and high concurrency features of Alibaba Cloud. The live recording can then be projected onto a remote 4K high-definition screen, generating a true-to-life hologram effect, reconstructing all details in high definition – including micro facial expressions and clothing texture.

By stepping into a pop-up studio in the Cloud ME booth, participants will have their full-body image projected realistically into a remote booth, in which their projected personas will be displayed to meet and greet with their counterparts. The true-to-life meetings can also be opened up to a wider audience across unlimited locations, thanks to easily-installed remote projection functionality.

“Alibaba is committed to the digitalisation of the Olympic Games, and providing the technology infrastructure to promote a more inclusive and engaging experience,” said Daniel Zhang, Chairman & CEO of Alibaba Group.

“We hope to unite athletes and fans around the world with our cloud technology, and allow the Olympic spirit to inspire us all as we celebrate the joy of sports.”

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), added, “Together with Alibaba, we are making history here in Beijing.

“For the first time ever, all core systems needed to run these Olympic Winter Games are hosted on Alibaba Cloud. Whether it is powering the Olympic online store in China, the OBS Cloud, or technology to support the world’s media here in Beijing, Alibaba Cloud technology is setting new standards and raising the bar to new levels.”

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