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All-new Mac Pro – the Apple of my eye

Apple has unveiled its all-new Mac Pro, the ‘cheese grater’ that is catching the eyes of many pro app developers. With up to 28 core Xeon processors, 56 teraflops of graphics performance and the revolutionary Afterburner card, the new Mac Pro will be transforming and delivering pro workflows into a single workstation.

Heeding the calls for 4K/8K creatives, Apple uses Afterburner to enable video editors to convert native formats from high-quality camera and decode up to three streams of 8K and 12 streams of 4K ProRes RAW video in real time — thus eliminating proxy workflows and allowing fast and smooth editing.

The workflow is made efficient with its enormous memory capacity of 128GB video memory and processor power that speeds up content ingestion and edits.

To allow the best production experience, Apple has also launched its Pro Display XDR, with 6K resolution, at US$4,999. This allows producers to go beyond HDR, achieve higher colour definition and deliver premium viewing experience. The VESA Mount Adapter, which is sold separately at US$999, features portability on a production set and flexibility in positioning.

However, it comes with a jaw-dropping price tag of almost US$40,000 for the new Apple if you add the Pro Display XDR and the VESA stand.

Image credits: Apple Press Room


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