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An integrated intercom solution for AMV cloud production?

Grass Valley (GV) and Telos Alliance are releasing the Telos Infinity VIP (Virtual Intercom Platform) on GV AMMP (Agile Media Processing Platform), a professional intercom solution for cloud-based media production workflows. Infinity VIP on AMPP supports essential intercom functionality including partylines, IFBs, groups and peer-to-peer communication.

Scott Stiefel, Chief Operating Officer of Telos Alliance, said, “As a GV Media Universe Alliance Partner, our technology is now tightly integrated with AMPP, putting our intercom solutions in prime position for productions using the cloud-based platform.

“Through seamless access to our solutions, we look forward to gaining new customers as well as pleasing existing users looking to move as much functionality as possible to the cloud.”

With Infinity VIP on AMPP, operators supporting live productions from anywhere can access the application from any connected browser. The microphone and speakers from the connected phone, tablet or computer allow operators to communicate with team members, while using the same device for performing their job functions using other AMPP-enabled solutions such as switching, audio mixing, replay, routing, and monitoring.

The undoubted advantages of cloud-based production, even in a studio environment, mean that the methodology behind GV AMPP is a hugely positive paradigm shift for the video production industry, said Tim Shoulders, CEO and President, Grass Valley.

Shoulders added, “Today, the concept of cloud production is widely understood throughout the industry; it’s now the job of the GV Media Universe to make available to production teams all the professional functionalities they need through the cloud.

“The Telos intercom solution is a fantastic example of how this works to everyone’s benefit. Video producers get access to the latest tools wherever they are, Telos gains new users and we can enable customers like AMV, the functionality they need to provide workflows that produce exciting content.”

Infinity VIP on AMPP is being beta-tested by All Mobile Video (AMV) and will be live with one of its customers later this year.

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