An overview of network mapped within Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager

With more content booming into the entertainment sector, media companies will require more tools to empower them to manage and produce even more content, said Audinate

As a provider of digital audio networking technologies, Audinate has been developing Dante-enabled products that ensure interoperability between audio devices, thus bridging the gap between IT networking with the proAV industry. Particularly in the media sector, the adoption of audio-over-IP (AoIP) has been increasingly embraced by the installed sound, live, radio and broadcast industries.

Joshua Rush, senior vice-president of marketing and products, Audinate, explained: “Workflow in the broadcast ecosystem is critical to the economics, efficiency and effectiveness of the broadcast enterprise. Audio is obviously a central element of the experience and, as such, AoIP is widely seen as an answer to the workflow requirements of an evolved broadcast ecosystem.

“The development of AoIP in Asia-Pacific has facilitated multi-channel audio production and products — especially in sports and live events — versioning in multiple languages and workflows that facilitate a decentralised broadcast enterprise capable of producing more content than ever before imaginable.”

Audinate has developed Dante Domain Manager, a network management software that enables user authentication, role-based security and audit capabilities for Dante networks while allowing expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure. Available in three editions — Silver, Gold and Platinum — all editions enable the creation of Dante domains to isolate and organise audio devices, user accounts, cross-subnet routing of audio, and administrative features to monitor user actions and system status in key areas.

Dante Domain Manager is further equipped with a configurable dashboard that provides users the visibility to various system health and status metrics, including clocking and subscription status, service status, host server performance, and configuration change alerts.

Rush concluded: “I think that securing the audio production network used to be a like-to-have just 12 months ago, but now it’s a must-have for many, if not all, the broadcasters we speak with. That’s a major development and one we’re addressing with the recent introduction of Dante Domain Manager.

“All production professionals in the Asia-Pacific region are required by C-leadership to secure the network as tightly as possible. It’s what many are coming to us for — looking to deploy Dante and Dante Domain Manager as expeditiously as possible.”

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