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APB+: Migrating & safe-guarding your legacy infrastructure in the cloud?

If you are moving to the cloud, you’ve probably heard of how Kubernetes is fast becoming the preferred container orchestration tool to build a micro-services architecture.

Containerisation has changed how companies can move faster and deploy software in the cloud. Once your application is decoupled and containerised, they are like Lego bricks — they can be easily moved and reassembled, regardless if you are moving them to a private data centre or public cloud.

Your developers and IT teams will be more productive as they need to spend less time debugging and diagnosing differences from different architectures.

Among the reasons why many have been slow in their cloud migration are the lack of sufficient relevant skills, the difficulty to re-deploy and scale workloads, and the complexity of re-architecting their monolithic legacy applications.

This may not be the case anymore.

Kubernetes is now replacing antiquated orchestration tools and enabling companies and broadcasters to find a new way to reimagine their technology infrastructure without the complexity and inefficiencies of the past.

The market for application containerisation is also significant and accelerating, with research analyst Gartner predicting that more than three-quarters of global organisations will be using containerisation in their cloud applications by 2022, up from a fifth in 2019.

With application portfolios expanding, thanks to automation, IT integration and adoption of cloud technologies, the number of container-based and cloud-native systems has been growing significantly.

Keen to find out more if containerisation can work for your organisation?

Look out for our upcoming APB+ July-September issue, where we will explore why micro-services is the way to go to build your operations in the cloud as we converse with companies and SIs in the broadcast industry on how they are embracing containerisation … and why we need to be Kubernetes-savvy.


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