Ten TV app vendors have lent their support of the Vewd ecosystem in a bid to unify the fragmented TV app market.

App vendors unite with Vewd to address fragmented TV app market

Vewd’s certification process ensures vendors’ applications are compatible with all Vewd-enabled devices

Ten TV app vendors have agreed to support the Vewd ecosystem in a bid to unify the fragmented TV app market around an independent and open platform. These 10 app vendors are Accedo, Cisco, Easel TV, Float Left Interactive, Fractal Media, Massive, Tradecast, TV App Agency, Wizitivi and 24i.

These vendors have adopted Vewd Certify to complete the certification process. Vewd Certify is a suite of tools, specifications and support documentation that enables the vendors to test, verify and certify HTML5-based applications across Vewd-enabled devices.

Michael Lantz, CEO for Accedo, said: “Having our professional services group work with Vewd gives us instant access to a wide ecosystem with consistency in how our customers’ video services perform across devices. We’re especially excited to have our Accedo One application platform certified for Vewd, which will allow scalability for our customers.”

This alignment, according to Vewd, reduces the fragmentation and complexity that has plagued the TV app market. Formerly known as Opera TV, the company has deployed the HTML5 platform for smart TVs and set-top boxes (STBs), shipping nearly 50 million devices each year.

With almost 1,500 apps enabled today, Vewd said that the addition of these vendors would “strengthen the volume and quality” of the Vewd app ecosystem.

Daniel Nordberg, senior vice-president of partnerships, Vewd, concluded: “The TV app vendors are a critical part of content distribution. Working with these leading companies to unify their development efforts around the Vewd ecosystem allows for lower Opex and quicker time-to-market for their partners.”

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