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Appear making its presence felt in major live sports events globally

Norway’s Appear, a global provider of live production technology, is gearing up to support the live delivery of thousands of camera feeds reaching billions of fans globally. 

With a number of high-profile sporting events taking place this summer, Appear’s media processing and delivery technology will ensure high-quality and efficient live sports productions for broadcasters and operators globally.

Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO, Appear, said, “From football and tennis to motorsport and international multi-sport events, it’s remarkable to consider the scale of the audience sports broadcasters will reach this summer. 

“Live sports are a powerful driver of global media viewership, and sports fans are among the most loyal of all customers. Having a technology infrastructure that meets growing demands for more immersive and better-quality sports experiences is critical.

“Our customers choose us because we support their need for increased content monetisation and a higher production value in a highly efficient and sustainable way.”

Appear’s media processing and content delivery solutions effectively enable enhanced fan experiences with streamlined, cost-efficient, and environmentally sustainable operations. They offer multiple functions in a single, compact modular footprint, providing a toolkit that can be adapted to serve multiple live production application scenarios. The density of its hardware also drastically reduces the required rack space and power consumption needed on-site, while shipping costs and associated emissions are reduced by over 80% for field acquisition kits.

Jørgensen added, “Our market leading capabilities and the reputation of the Appear X Platform make us the go-to-choice for premium global sporting events. Our ongoing collaboration with the world’s leading sports broadcasters ensures that billions of sports fans will enjoy unforgettable moments throughout this summer.

“We look forward to helping our customers deliver the best possible live sports experiences and the highest production value.”

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