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Appear & Skyline demo heightened media workflow integration @ IBC

 Appear and Skyline will be joining forces at IBC2023 for a showcase that harnesses the latter’s DataMiner platform to deliver a managed and monitored workflow solution for primary and linear over-the-top (OTT) distribution projects. This collaboration, say the companies, deliver operational efficiencies through management and control for premium live event contribution, enhanced by the advanced integration of Appear’s X Platform.

This partnership builds upon a longstanding collaboration between Skyline and Appear, previously integrating Skyline’s DataMiner platform with Appear’s XC and NEO Series Platforms, offering improved workflow management flexibility and operational efficiency for joint content distribution projects. 

Skyline’s DataMiner is a modular, open software platform known for its ability to manage various media operations, including permanent and occasional use of contribution workflows. The integrated offering empowers Appear users to tap into DataMiner’s full spectrum of functions, including resource and service planning, scheduling, automated service orchestration, and decommissioning in line with schedules.

Moreover, it introduces schedule-aware monitoring capabilities and operations support systems (OSS)/business support systems (BSS) integrations. 

Thomas Gunkel, Market Director Broadcast at Skyline Communications, said, “Live events require best-in-class automation, scheduling and monitoring platforms to cope with last-minute changes — schedules change, networks can become faulty, and camera feeds can go down unexpectedly. Production crews and control teams need to have the ability to adapt very quickly when this happens.” 

Live demonstrations will be held at booth 1.C61 with a showcase of a live dashboard within a Network Operation Centre (NOC), featuring a four-camera feed contribution workflow processed by the Appear X20 Platform, configured, managed, and monitored by the DataMiner solution. 

Alex Pannell, Chief Commercial Officer for Appear, added, “The priority for our customers is simple: making it as easy and efficient as possible to deliver stellar live events.

“We continually ensure our customers have access to market leading systems for managing and monitoring their live event workflows and for live contribution links this requires a heightened level of automation and control.”Find out more at IBC 2023, which is taking place from 15 to 18 September at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

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