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Appear’s versatile DSNG X10 solution supports fibre & satellite deliveries

To support the specific and increasingly challenging needs of digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) and mobile production, Appear, a provider of media processing and delivery technology, has launched its X10 DSNG solution in Australia and New Zealand.

Supporting 1G-10G of traffic, the X10 DSNG is packed with a switch module, which is integrated with a satellite reception and ASI IO ports that support encoding and satellite uplink in a single 1RU chassis. The X10 DSNG solution supports both fibre and satellite deliveries, and incorporates the functionalities DSNG operators need for contribution, including encoding/decoding, satellite uplink/downlink, as well as integrated reception and monitoring of uplinked signals. 

For instance, operators can flexibly define the number of channels to be encoded and decoded, alongside the number of satellite modulated outputs needed. The X10 DSNG can support encoding of 32 HD or eight 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) channels with four HD or two 4K/UHD channels of decoding for monitoring, while uplinking to one or two satellite transponders. 

It also supports standard compression technologies and video protocols, making it adaptable to all operational requirements within contribution, remote production, video networking and distribution. With the modular nature of the X10 DSNG, additional compression standards can be supported by adding JPEG XS and JPEG2000 features. 

Equipped with a modulator redundancy switch, the X10 DSNG can function as a standalone should an internal failure take place as it features a range of redundancy options which can take effect to keep the chassis fully operational. Furthermore, the solution has a high-capacity firewall feature that can monitor and regenerate traffic as required. 

Appear is represented by Magna Systems & Engineering in Australia and New Zealand. 

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