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Arirang TV gathers all perspectives leading up to Trump-Kim summit

Apart from covering the historic summit live from Singapore, Arirang TV has produced several documentaries that are aimed at promoting peace for North-east Asia and the Korean peninsula

When US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung-un meet for the first time in Singapore next week, Arirang TV, a South Korean English-language TV network, will be covering the historic summit live, as well as discussing the ongoing issues in the Korean peninsula that have been drawing global attention.

Various perspectives and prospects of the summit between Trump and Kim will be aired on Arirang TV’s news and current affairs programmes. For instance, in Foreign Correspondents, journalists worldwide will be discussing about the expectations and response of the summit.

Additionally, ambassadors of different countries to South Korea will provide an in-depth discussion after the summit in The Diplomat. And in A Road to Peace, observers will discuss the possibility of denuclearisation and pledges from the North Korean regime.

Arirang TV will also broadcast featured documentaries about the summit, which is aimed at bringing peace for North-east Asia and the Korean peninsula, said Arirang TV. In Wind of Change, a 60-minute documentary slated for air from June 7-10, the programme will present opinions and insights on the political dynamics of the Korean peninsula, as well as suggest a roadmap to peace in the region.

Arirang TV is currently being aired across 105 countries via satellite and pay-TV platforms. Special live news coverage of the North Korea-US summit will be available at Arirang TV’s website, as well as on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


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