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arkona and Manifold – changing the landscape of live production

arkona technologies GmbH and Manifold Technologies are changing the landscape of live production with game-changing, award-winning, IP core infrastructure solutions aimed at top-tier broadcasters.

Last year, the duo announced the launch of manifold CLOUD, the first ever Tier-1 live production core infrastructure service-based ecosystem built on COTS infrastructure; manifold CLOUD is 100% software running on COTS FPGA programmable accelerator cards (PAC) and it can handle the most demanding live sports, entertainment, and news productions while at the same time providing the benefits of scalability, resiliency, quick deployment, and unified control.

Manifold CLOUD was recently selected by NEP to provide the core of their new ‘virtual OB’ concept, a 100% software driven and virtualised solution for live television production.

According to Geert Thoelen, Director of Technology for NEP Belgium, “manifold CLOUD has been a great addition to the company’s tech stack. It complements the intuitive interface, scalability, technology agnostic approach that are integral to NEP’s proprietary broadcast control platform, TFC, and it delivers tremendous value to our clients.”

Speaking of awards, arkona took home a Best of Show 2024 award at NAB for its BLADE//runner IP Audio Engine (IPA) APP.

The IPA APP amplifies the audio capabilities already found in arkona’s

BLADE//runner platform – a suite of live broadcast production software and hardware tools that includes audio/video routing, compression, and processing developed for professional productions.

In combination with the functionality already available in BLADE//runner’s IP Gateway and Router (IPGR) software and JXS APPs, this new IPA APP completes the picture by providing the ability to spin up a comprehensive audio and video live production infrastructure easily and quickly for IP productions – on demand – with the performance and quality broadcasters are accustomed to receiving.

The award-winning IPA adds a fully featured, high-capacity, software-based professional audio mixer to the platform that provides dedicated audio mixing, DSP, and audio routing with a total capacity of up to 16,384 mono audio inputs and 12,288 outputs. The IPA APP provides full support for ST2110, ST2022, AES67 and the Ravenna IP standard, and offers compression and multi-band equalizers with true peak monitoring and loudness metering in addition to mono, stereo and multi-channel mixes.

Capable of handling up to 8,192 faders, it is powerful enough to support mixing for the most demanding live broadcast events.
Find out more at arkonatech.com and manifoldtech.tv, or stop by The Magna Booth at BroadcastAsia 2024 in Singapore, from May 29-31, to learn about these game-changing innovations from the folks that know best their true value.

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