ARRI enables ‘low-budget filmmakers to achieve big-budget results’

What do you desire most in the world? For researchers, it may be knowledge; for actors, it may be fame … but for content producers, it is ARRI.

Known for its superior imaging technology, ARRI promises producers the highest production film quality. ARRI cameras and solutions have been used in numerous famous cinematic shoots and used in large-scale production studios.

However, to lower the barrier of entry and target the small studios and the prosumer market, ARRI has initiated a Certified Pre-owned (CPO) programme. This programme allows small or medium-sized production houses to access ARRI’s refurbished equipment to achieve cinematic effects at reduced cost.

Noam Kroll, the producer of Psychosynthesis, was the first few to test-drive ARRI’s CPO programme, and he said: “ARRI’s CPO programme is opening the door for low-budget filmmakers to achieve big-budget results — never before has it been possible for a micro-budget feature to look so polished.”

Facing a tight production schedule, Kroll’s production crew used a CPO ALEXA to simplify colour correction and maximise image quality, leaving more time for creativity on set.

To maintain ARRI’s high standards, the company’s service centre takes pride in performing thorough checks on all refurbished sets, including image sensor quality, recording functions, connectors, flange focal distance, audio systems, and the ARRI Lens Control System.

The overhaul also includes an update to the latest Software Update Packet (SUP) of the respective model.

If malfunctions are detected, repairs are performed as required. Before the ARRI Certificate of Approval is issued, the equipment goes through the same Final Function Test as new cameras, ensuring it meets the high standards expected of it.

Once all functions have been checked and approved, ARRI engineers issue an official certificate for every CPO camera sold.

In addition, all CPO solutions come with a one-year warranty.

“At ARRI, we recognise the demand for ARRI products from the prosumer market; thus, we launched CPO to serve this market segment as well,” Augustine Cheng, senior sales manager of ARRI, told APB, adding that the CPO programme is ARRI’s game-plan for South-east Asia.


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