ARRI launches powerful full-rotation remote head SRH-360

Well known for its smooth shots, ARRI has added the stabilised remote head SRH-360 to its range of camera stabiliser systems.

The all-new SRH-360 has three key features that give the cameraman flexibility in manoeuvring the camera. For instance, a newly-designed slip ring offers unlimited 360-degree rotation around the pan axis, which has been added due to high demand from operators.

Furthermore, the torque of the pan motor has been increased by 50%, allowing it to compensate for powerful centrifugal forces when shooting high-speed camera moves. This makes the SRH-360 even more flexible for dynamic environments such as action, stunts,

vehicle work, sports and live music performances.

Curt Schaller, product manager of Camera Stabilizer Systems at ARRI, said: “Unleashing the pan axis by adding a slip ring and a more powerful pan motor gives the cinematographer and camera operator the freedom to create moves and frames that they could not get before.”

With the three-axis design, it could also stabilise a full-sized camera up to 30kg.

Current SRH-3 owners could opt for an upgrade with SRH-360 functionality through the purchase of the new slip ring pan axis module.


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