Artel adds xView to network monitoring portfolio

The xView management platform is designed to expand network monitoring and management capabilities of Artel’s DigiLink, InfinityLink and Smart platforms

Artel Video Systems has developed the xView management platform, a browser-based monitoring platform that is compatible with the company’s DigiLink, InfinityLink and Smart media delivery platform.

The platform is designed to support various network monitoring architectures — ranging from national, regional and local operations — including monitoring of Artel’s network elements via SNMPv2. xView also provides an aggregate view of DigiLink and InfinityLink chassis on the network in a dashboard that displays the locations and status of alarms in maps, graphs and charts.

With xView, users can locate faults and launch DL Manager and IL Manager session within the platform for fault and performance diagnostics, configuration and management. Software download is also available for users to add or upgrade the platform’s functionality.

Rafael Fonseca, vice-president, product management at Artel, said: “As the industry continues to implement more IP-centric workflows, operational efficiency, network monitoring and cost-effective solutions become paramount. The xView platform provides network monitoring capabilities for those managing regional and national deployments of DigiLink, InfinityLink and Smart solutions.”


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