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Ask Watson: What’s the key challenge in 2018?

David Kulczar, senior product manager, IBM Watson Media, predicts the top streaming video trends of 2018.

With the advent of mobile devices and rise in premium content, video is now accessible virtually everywhere. Cognitive machine learning and more intelligently using data related to video will shape where streaming will go in 2018 and beyond, wrote David Kulczar, senior product manager at IBM Watson Media, in a blog post.

Where artificial intelligence (AI) is concerned, he suggested: “A lot has already been done — now it’s just a matter of building AI in such a way where we can take it quickly to many different industries.”

Less certain, perhaps, is virtual reality (VR), which will take some time to mature, as Kulczar surmised. “What you’re going to start seeing first is augmented reality (AR) and how AI can help with AR-type systems.”

IBM Watson Media also expects a proliferation of content in 2018, as millions of people produce their own content. Where the company is concerned, the quality of the video does not matter that much, Kulczar said, adding: “Our systems have the ability to handle extremely large, high-quality video, as well as video from someone’s iPhone.”

What will be key, he suggested, is data. As more and more information becomes available, two scenarios are likely to emerge: the unlocking of loads of new use cases; and the ability to better handle existing ones.

Kulczar concluded: “The challenge has always been about making systems talk together, building all the integration adapters on the technology side, and then overcoming all of the digital rights on the content side.

“Coming up with some sort of digital rights strategy that allows us to really talk across all the systems that we need to improve is the key challenge as I see it.”

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