Aspera-tion: To create fastest & secure transfer of data

IBM Aspera aims to move the world’s data at maximum speed regardless of distance and file size without compromising security and reliability.

By using parallel transfer processes to move large files – in line with SMPTE 2022-7 standard – the enhanced IBM Aspera network can now complete multi-Gbps of a 20GB file at 12x faster speed than competing technology – Amazon S3.

The new transfer speed is 200% higher than before while preventing overdrive failures. And by incorporating blockchain — IBM Hyperledger — it ensures security of content exchange; broadcasters and content producers can rely on the new immutable chain of custody to avoid content leaks and execute commercial contracts safely.

Aspera’s compliancy in SMPTE 2022-7 ensures that streaming over IP as remote production and OTT delivery creates redundant data transmission. As the same packets of data are streamed over separate networks, the connection will switch to other existing transmission when one of the connections is disrupted.

Aspera Cloud is appealing to customers as it offers automation tools to help users configure recurring workflows. For instance, the transfer and delivery of content to a shared folder after a trigger of events can be automated by GUI. This allows flexibility in automating downstream processing tools and integration of workflows with third-party vendors.

Check out IBM Aspera at 2019 NAB Show at Booth SL5005.


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