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Atomos out to steal your heart with its Ninja CAST

Atomos has announced the AtomX CAST, a modular companion for the Atomos Ninja V or Ninja V+ monitor-recorder that uses the AtomX expansion port on the Ninja V/V+ to transform it into an advanced multi-input switcher. 

The company has been helping creative professionals by creating easy-to-use, cutting-edge 4K and HD Apple ProRes monitor-recorders. Atomos products give video professionals a faster, higher quality and more affordable production system, whether they are creating for social media, YouTube, TV or cinema.

AtomX CAST is for video creators and anybody who wants to make broadcast-quality multi-camera programs simply and quickly from anywhere. It is also for anyone who wants to add professional broadcast quality features to their online meetings without having to be a video professional.   

The combination of the Ninja V or Ninja V+ and AtomX CAST becomes the Ninja CAST, which is an all-in-one live switching and streaming solution – that combines the Ninja V’s high quality 5” touchscreen monitor with 4x HDMI inputs and physical buttons.

This allows the operator to connect cameras, computers, consoles, pre-recorded content sources or any valid video source, and use the touchscreen or the buttons to ‘switch’ between sources and select which source should be on screen at any one time for broadcast.

Trying to use a cellular device or webcam on a computer for video conferencing from home can result in poor image quality. The Ninja CAST solves this problem by providing multiple HDMI inputs, offering professional broadcast quality switching and recording to high quality professional codecs like Apple ProRes and Avid DNx. 

“The demand for multi-camera production has been off the charts over the last year as people have turned to video as part of their daily routines,” said Atomos founder Jeromy Young. “The Ninja CAST is ideal for anyone who wants to make a switched production in full broadcast quality. You can livestream or record on the Ninja. We think it’s a perfect combination.” 

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