DoP Phil Arntz deployed the Atomos Sumo19M HDR production monitor in his project for London Air Ambulance.

Atomos Sumo19M goes on mission with London Air Ambulance

In a 30-second film that captures the work of London Air Ambulance, DoP Phil Arntz followed the team up in the skies with his equipment, including the Atomos Sumo19M HDR production monitor

Specialising in aerial photography, director of photography (DoP) Phil Arntz has worked with Helicopter Film Services (HFS) on feature films, commercials and dramas. The DoP behind the Emirates Hello Jetman promo film recently embarked on a new project with London Air Ambulance, a charity organisation which swoops in to rescue around 10 critically injured people each day.

Shot air-to-air, the 30-second film is intended to raise awareness of London Air Ambulance by capturing the work of the organisation as it flies past some of the capital’s landmarks.

Arntz explained: “Anyone who spends a lot of time in the air above London is aware of the great work that London Air Ambulance does. I’ve always wanted to do something more to help the organisation out, and together with HFS, we decided to do this as a charitable project.”

He took to the air in the HFS Twin Squirrel helicopter with a nose-mounted Red Helium 8K camera and Angenieux 25-250mm cine zoom inside a Shotover F1 gimbal system.

Completing his equipment list for the project is the Atomos Sumo19M high dynamic range (HDR) brightness production monitor, which has enabled Arntz to check on all the critical settings and framing while remotely controlling the camera set-up from the back of the chopper.

“The AtomHDR function proved especially useful on this shoot because we needed both standard dynamic range (SDR) and HDR grades done,” Arntz added. “Being able to see and expose the HDR image correctly while shooting gave me the assurance that I needed.”

The Atomos Sumo19M features the AtomHDR engine that provides 10+ stops of dynamic range, enabling users to map Log, perceptual quantiser (PQ) and hybrid log gamma (HLG) from the camera to its panel.

Arntz concluded: “Even though the Sumo19M is high brightness, there are times when a sunhood is very useful as it cuts glare and reflections to a minimum — especially when shooting Log and HDR. I love the new Atomos sunhood; it’s quick and easy to attach.

“The combination of image tools on the Atomos Sumo19M, combined with the high brightness of the panel, makes it a good monitor for our line of work.”

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