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AtomX SYNC update a neat solution for multi-cam operation

The latest update of the AtomRemote app works with the AtomX SYNC expansion module to provide remote control features for the NINJA V and NINJA V+. It can be used to set LUTs (look up tables) and activate on-screen tools, including focus peaking, as well as operate recording and playback functions. 

While the ability to control the NINJA V/V+ remotely will help with awkward camera positions, it also has applications for accessibility and compliance around COVID-safety protocols, where touching a NINJA V/V+ might not be straightforward.

For smaller productions, remote control can also help on-screen talent work with the camera without the need to step out of the frame and reset. 

With the addition of the AtomX SYNC module to the NINJA V/V+, any device running iOS 12 or later or Mac running macOS Catalina (10.15) or later can easily connect via Bluetooth LE directly via the AtomRemote app.  Device pairing is saved in the NINJA, which makes connection as simple as launching the app on the device and activating remote mode on the NINJA.

The AtomX SYNC uses long-range RF transmission patented by Timecode Systems and Bluetooth to link multiple devices. On the iPhone and iPad this includes apps like MetaRecorder audio recorder from Apogee, Mavis Pro camera and MovieSlate8 logging. AtomX SYNC is also compatible with professional audio recorders including the Zoom F6 and F8n and the bodypack recorder Zoom F2 BT. 

The AtomX SYNC system works by appointing one NINJA V and NINJA V+ as the “server” device. It is then able to run as a super accurate clock to supply timecode to unlimited AtomX SYNC and Timecode Systems’ devices and up to 6 “client” devices over Bluetooth. When using RF technology, devices can be spaced up to 200m apart and with multiple NINJA V/V+ systems, record functionality can be ganged together, which is a neat solution for multi-cam productions.

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