ATX Networks combines video management within PD1600

ATX Networks’ PD1600 satellite gateways brings connectivity across cable, satellite and IPTV

Since its inception in 1985, ATX Networks has been providing connectivity solutions to cable, satellite, fixed telecom, wireless and media broadcast service providers. As a provider of network infrastructure and commercial video solutions, ATX Networks has expanded its original focus on cable industry products to include RF management, digital video, optical transport, as well as radio and satellite solutions.

At 2018 NAB Show, ATX Networks exhibited the PD1600 satellite gateway, a “headend in a box” for the delivery of cable, satellite and IPTV content to multiple dwelling units (MDUs), headend in the sky (HITS), and hospitality video providers.

Andrew Isherwood, CTO, media distribution solutions, told APB: “Although IPTV is gaining popularity among consumers, satellite and broadcast TV have still the widest reach to audiences due to their reliability. Moreover, satellite is also capable of supporting IPTV and over-the-top (OTT) offerings.”

Packed within a 5RU form-factor, the PD1600 decodes, decrypts, re-encrypts and re-broadcasts content in IP, quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), or analogue NTSC output, while providing end-to-end content protection from uplink to the TV.

Other features of the PD1600 include built-in 96-channel stacking switch (CSS), remote management via an intuitive Web interface, and internal multi-Gb Ethernet switching fabric.


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