Automating the VoD/OTT distribution workflow for speed and flexibility

Speed and efficiency are essential in today’s multi-platform media world. Workflows need to be integrated tightly and with flexibility. Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON by MEDIAGENIX takes the lead with the automation of the VoD distribution workflow orchestration.

Media companies ingest content from a variety of providers on their VoD platforms. If broadcasters want their content to be published, they need to deliver an XML file, video files and images according to certain specifications. They need to transcode video files, resize images, include metadata in the XML, and it all needs to be published to the set-top box or back-end. To automate these complex workflows, Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON communicates through REST APIs with the best open-source workflow engine and data flow system.

How it works

The workflow engine orchestrates the tasks at the right moment. External ‘workers’ – which can be WHATS’ON services or external services – pick up tasks, complete them and report this back to the workflow engine, until the complete workflow is executed. The operator can follow the progress in WHATS’ON with automated status updates. Any system can be stopped without affecting the overall workflow. WHATS’ON also provides the tools for users to monitor task performance and track incidents through multiple gadgets.


With WHATS’ON serving as the content management system with all metadata, this workflow automation solution can be applied to other media operation workflows (VoD/OTT or Linear.) The integration of best-of-breed tools makes it possible to create, deploy and orchestrate complex workflows, make them visual and explicit, begin workflows within a workflow, work with multiple instances, use timers, limit scripting, have automatic versioning of workflows, prioritize … The workflow functionality can evolve independent of WHATS’ON. So, no WHATS’ON upgrades are required.

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