Avid Huddle brings new paradigm shift to video post production

Post-production teams can now collaborate and accelerate content review and approvals, thanks to Avid Huddle, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

In a hybrid working environment, editors using Avid’s Media Composer Ultimate, Media Composer Enterprise, or Avid Edit On Demand, can now easily share high-quality media during a live Microsoft Teams meeting. Remote reviewers can collectively view, discuss and comment in real time, from anywhere, as if they were working in the same room.  

Tanya O’Connor, VP, Market Solutions, Avid, said, “Collaborating to review video content during post production is challenging when the creative team is distributed across multiple locations. Avid Huddle helps teams jump this barrier and truly embrace distributed working.

“Finally, remote over-the-shoulder content review with any production stakeholder is achieved simply by using one of the world’s most widely available collaboration apps.” 

Without leaving Media Composer, editors can use Avid Huddle to safely launch a Teams meeting that enables participants to review high-quality video content, with full confidence their content is secure and protected. With greater efficiency than ever before, Huddle allows producers, clients and other reviewers to give immediate feedback to editors by virtually adding time-stamped comments and annotations while discussing content through a live session.  

Simon Crownshaw, Worldwide Media & Entertainment Strategy Director, Microsoft, added, “With the help of the secure and ubiquitous Microsoft Teams platform, Avid Huddle brings a true paradigm shift to the way TV shows, movies, commercials and other content can now move through review and approval with speed and economy.

‘Most importantly, we’re enabling an exceptional video and audio streaming experience that’s just like looking over the shoulder of an editor at work in Media Composer.”

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