AWS accelerates video transcoding by up to 25x

Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon that provides B2B and B2C cloud solutions, unveils its accelerated transcoding technology on the first day of  2019 NAB Show. The new feature within AWS Elemental Mediaconvert enables broadcasters, OTT distributors, and other premium content providers to complete video transcoding process 25 times faster than the traditional process.

As the range and resolution of multi-screen diversifies, more complex video encoding methods are needed which require  more time in processing the video content. The long processing time presents challenges for cable networks and streaming content providers: a full-length 4K/HDR using traditional video workflow could take more than a day to transcode to all the other formats.

The accelerated transcoding can reduce the turnaround time of video processing and allow customers to meet market requirements for various forms of output — for TV or mobile devices at varying resolutions.

AWS Elemental Mediaconvert includes Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) control   which can reduce file size by up to 50% by automatically adjusting bitrate on a frame-by-frame basis.

Both QVBR and Accelerated Transcoding are available in AWS Elemental MediaConvert at no additional cost. With no upfront investment required on equipment, customers can look to reducing Capex and simply pay based on the duration of video processed.

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