‘Network-within-networks’ — a cloudy media ecosystem?

Cloud technology continues to hog the spotlight this year at IBC, as major Cloud solutions are being launched to provide a new media ecosystem: ‘Networks-within-networks’.

Well known for its flexibility, cloud technology offers a hive of services from software-defined tools to mobile cloud. As broadcasters and media operators move towards the video-on-demand (VoD) models, there is an increasing demand for software that enhances flexible scaling.

To help broadcasters deliver content to end-users quickly, Amazon Web Services (AWS) responded by demonstrating advances in content creation, distribution, media supply chain, technology innovation, AI and ML, as well as personalisation and monetisation during the show.

Some of the technological innovations include content-aware encoding that delivers OTT video at a fraction of the bandwidth while enhancing video quality. This allows media operators to scale up during peak periods of an event or show and vice versa.

AWS Elemental also permits users to migrate large-scale video archives to the cloud and build content lakes with enhanced metadata for better content search and management — thus simplifying the media supply chain and easily exchange content assets via the cloud.

Since 2011, AWS Elemental has been providing Eurosport, a media giant in Europe, solutions for both live and on-demand video transcoding.

While Elemental Live encoders deliver multiple linear adaptive bitrate channels directly to consumer’s devices such as the iPad and iPhone, Elemental Server gives Eurosport fast, real-time file-based transcoding.

Streaming video powered by Elemental is also available online from Eurosport through the company’s popular Eurosport/Yahoo site and player.

During a press conference at IBC, AWS pointed the way ahead: “2019 is a year of rapid change in OTT space and we like to help customers accelerate the time of moving to the market with agility and quality.”

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