BBC launches interactive voice news service

As more end-users are leveraging smart devices to retrieve news, the BBC has launched the UK’s first interactive voice news service, which allows users to navigate through the web of news and get deeper to the heart of the stories. 

For instance, consumers can tune into relevant news by giving voice commands to smart speakers. They can also access exclusive content including:

  • Specialist articles: Reporting, interviews, and features from BBC News’ many specialist reporters and correspondents who add new angles on the day’s emerging stories;
  • Flexible bulletins: Listeners can get news bulletins at a time and length that suits them – not restricted by the BBC’s schedules, and they can receive longer interviews or stories that were forced to make way for breaking news; and
  • The BBC archive: Where relevant, clips and interviews from the BBC’s vast radio archive will supplement current stories, providing invaluable context and voices from the past.

Traditionally, the BBC bulletins can only air short clips from House of Commons, but with interactive voice service, listeners can now listen to the speeches in full.

The interactive news is initially available on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and will be subsequently introduced on other devices.

Image credits: Alexa


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