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Be wise to use non-intrusive AdWise for your Paris Olympics content

Veset AdWise, a cloud-based solution for real-time, in-video advertising, is now available in AWS Marketplace.

With AdWise, dynamic advertising is taken up a notch with an engaging user experience that is attainable without disrupting the live feed. AdWise allows broadcasters, service and content providers to implement integrated advertisements, instantly update advertising content in response to dynamic live events and gain the flexibility to choose a wide variety of advertising formats.

Veset AdWise supports the rise of dynamic, contextual-based advertising, allowing media providers to use a tool to create advanced, user-friendly in-video adverts without disrupting the live feed. Broadcasters and media providers can further enhance their broadcasting workflows by prioritising user experience and monetisation in a non-intrusive and beneficial way for both consumer and provider.

Bringing Veset AdWise to AWS Marketplace allows for industry-wide access to in-video, contextual-based advertising where content providers and broadcasters can continue to create, manage and leverage content with advertising as much as possible while also taking into consideration the consumer experience.

Gatis Gailis, CEO, Veset, said, “The launch of AdWise in AWS Marketplace is a step forward in accessible, non-intrusive advertising solutions for live content delivery. By introducing in-video, contextual advertising to broadcasters and content providers in the industry, user experience can be prioritised, and a new era of ad-tech is being realised. 

“We see a lot of use cases for our product. The AdWise solution is a great fit for premium content, especially sports events such as the Paris Olympics. It also helps to maintain viewership since the live stream is never interrupted with a full ad break.”

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