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BelTV hits the road with Broadcast Solutions

All four production sets are packed with an OB van, a flightcase studio and a support vehicle

At the next European Games taking place in Belarus this June, Belarus’ state broadcaster, Belarus TV (BelTV), is required to provide comprehensive coverage of the Games, and produce them according to international TV standards.

To achieve this goal, BelTV has assigned German systems integrator Broadcast Solutions to commission four production sets, each equipped with an 18-camera HD outside broadcast (OB) van, a four-camera HD flightcase studio, and a support vehicle. 

Two Broadcast Solutions’ production vehicles hit the road last December, while the other two will be ready by April this year. The OB vehicles are being delivered to BelTV at regular intervals. 

The OB vans will function as 20-ton semi-trailers with two extensions, and feature 18 cameras — two wireless, two SuperSlomo, and 14 HD cameras.

Broadcast Solutions has installed Grass Valley’s cameras, vision mixers, video routers, multiviewers and slow-motion servers in the OB vans. The audio aspect is supported by Calrec’s audio mixers and audio routers. Other systems installed include IHSE’s KVM systems for access to computers and workstations, and Riedel Communications’ Artist systems for support of intercom signals processing. 

In addition, the flightcase studios are equipped with Grass Valley’s cameras, alongside FOR.A’s vision mixers and Ross Video’s routers. KVM systems from Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) and Yamaha audio mixers too have been fitted in the mobile studios. 

hi, a control system developed by Broadcast Solutions, is also used in the OB vans and flightcase studios. The system is designed to control production-relevant areas in the vehicles such as video routers, multiviewers, audio routers and tally. The intuitive touch controls of hi, and the new hardware controls, allow BelTV to simplify its daily production operations in the OB vans. 

Yuri Kolyachko, CTO of BelTV, commented: “When building the four production sets, it was important that our partner has the experience and capacities to deliver such a large project in a short time.

“Broadcast Solutions provided support during planning and production, and the first vehicles, which have already been put into service, fully met our expectations. 

“We feel we’re in good hands with Broadcast Solutions, and look forward to the Games productions with the new tools. They will elevate the level of TV in Belarus decisively.”

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