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Bitcentral launches Fusion Gateway to revolutionise MAM using AI tools

Bitcentral, a provider of professional media solutions for broadcast and digital video, has launched Fusion Gateway, a best-in-class cloud offering that bridges the gap between media asset management (MAM) and AI tools. 

Fusion Gateway enables Bitcentral customers to harness new opportunities for content discovery, automation, and increased efficiency as well as sets the table for more creativity.

As media libraries grow larger, managing them has become more complex, expensive and time-consuming. Media companies require solutions that can streamline media asset management by automating repetitive tasks. 

This, says Bitcentral, is the motivation behind Fusion Gateway, a cloud-based solution that integrates third-party AI tools with Bitcentral’s eco-system. Fusion Gateway unlocks new possibilities for customers to improve speed and productivity, and let them to focus on what they do best, which is to rapidly create, distribute, and monetise high-quality video.

Sam Kamel, CEO of Bitcentral, said, “Fusion Gateway represents a leap forward in media management, a next step in our bigger vision for enhancing the entire content production process through AI-powered tools.

“Our customers can now efficiently harness practical applications of AI to discover hidden gems in their content libraries, reveal new insights, automate repetitive tasks, and raise their content creation processes to entirely new levels.”

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