Black Box adds security layer to KVM switches

By isolating each data channel, Black Box’s Secure KVM switches are capable of safeguarding information against cyber threats

Black Box, a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solutions provider, has introduced a line of Secure KVM switches that is designed to safeguard against accidental transfer, unauthorised access or compromise of critical data.

The KVM switches are packed with up to 16 direct computer connections, allowing users to control from a single user console. Additionally, the switches are equipped with DVI-I DisplayPort, or HDMI video supporting 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) resolutions, stereo audio, USB and an optional smart card reader (CAC-Port).

According to Black Box, the Secure KVM switches provide complete mechanical, electrical and optical signal isolation to ensure no data is leaked between the ports. Apart from isolating each data channel, the switches also feature an additional security layer with its always-on tamper-proof hardware design, including external hologram seals and batteries, as well as keyboard/internal cache wiping and non-reprogrammable ROM.

John Hickey, R&D and KVM systems director, Black Box, concluded: “It’s a natural evolution in our history that we’re bringing to market new Secure KVM switches with cybersecurity features that users have been demanding but that didn’t previously exist.”

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