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Bloomberg Green to focus on climate and sustainability

Bloomberg Media has launched Bloomberg Green – a new global multi-platform news brand focused on climate change news, analysis, and solutions. Together with the founding partners – Amazon, HP Inc, JLL, PGIM and Tiffany & Co – the new channel aims to increase efforts in addressing critical issues related to climate and sustainability.

“The climate change era is upon us and Bloomberg Green will be the first global business media brand wholly dedicated to this essential story,” said Justin B. Smith, chief executive officer of Bloomberg Media. “From the onset Bloomberg Green will be a multi-platform brand, creating deep connections with our audience at every stage of their media consumption cycle across digital, audio, video, live events and print. Like the climate story itself, Bloomberg Green will span the entire globe, leveraging Bloomberg Media’s unrivalled footprint.”

Drawing on Bloomberg’s global resources, Bloomberg Green will tap on its expertise in deep data to produce original reporting and solutions-driven coverage, as well as business- and investment-focused content. Key features of Bloomberg Green includes data dashboard, daily newsletters, and app, magazine, live events, video and audio, thought leader columns and social media platforms.

John Micklethwait, Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief , emphasised: “We want Bloomberg Green to be the indispensable guide to anyone who wants to understand the great transition that is climate change — investors, politicians, chief executives and scientists to be sure, but also clever readers everywhere.

“Our hope is that it will bring clarity and data where there is currently fog and fear — just as Bloomberg has brought light to other once opaque subjects.”


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