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Bloomberg’s 5G proof-of-concept a ‘true industry disruption’

Verizon, Bloomberg Media, Zixi and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have joined forces to test the manner in which 5G and mobile edge computing can transform how business news is produced, delivered and consumed. 

In the proof-of-concept trial, Bloomberg leverages Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength to package and deliver live 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) videos. Coupled with Zixi’s software to process the video into multiple streams for broadcast across various platforms, Bloomberg has been able to deliver content without the need for satellites, allowing for fast and efficient content delivery. 

Roman Mackiewicz, CIO at Bloomberg Media, commented: “This proof-of-concept trial combines Verizon’s 5G and mobile edge computing capabilities with Bloomberg TV+ premium 4K/UHD content to create a modern streaming news experience with the potential for true industry disruption.” 

Verizon 5G Edge with the AWS Wavelength cloud computing platform brings AWS compute and storage services to the edge of Verizon’s wireless network. This, coupled with Zixi’s software-defined video platform (SDVP) and ZEN master control plane, demonstrates the potential to transform how broadcast content is packaged and delivered. 

The combination of Zixi’s software minimises the latency and simplifies the networking required to connect from hosted software services on 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength to the end-user’s device while ensuring a high-quality broadcast signal is maintained. 

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