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Brainstorm to test broadcast of panoramic virtual content over 5G

Brainstorm, which manufactures real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, is participating in the 5GMediaHUB Project that aims to accelerate the testing and validation of media applications with 5G technology.

Results from the project will have global implications for media and entertainment players planning to invest in 5G.

The H2020 5G-PPP Phase 3 project 5GMediaHUB, “5G Experimentation Environment for Third-party Media Services,” is coordinated by the Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) from Barcelona, Spain.

The project aims to develop a testing and validation environment over two existing 5G experimental platforms, located in Barcelona and Oslo, in order to create the 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility. The facility will constitute an elastic, secure, trusted, all-in-one and multi-tenant service execution and network applications (NetApps) development environment.

5GMediaHUB will offer third-party application developers, such as service providers, the opportunity to experiment, test and validate their media applications by using the 5GMediaHUB Experimentation Facility. This will reduce the time needed for an enterprise to make its services available to end-users.

The use cases that will be tested are immersive augmented, virtual and extended reality applications; smart media production; and smart media content distribution.

Brainstorm will lead the definition of the different cases of use of the project, its technical requirements, KPIs, and it will also establish the basis on which the validation plan will be designed. The specific scenario to be developed and validated by Brainstorm is focused on broadcasting panoramic virtual content optimally to multiple users.

“In 5GMediaHUB we capitalise on the experience from previous 5G projects in network slicing and orchestration. Existing well-established 5G platforms will be extended during the project in order to test third-party media services to enable the EU to achieve its goal of becoming a world leader in 5G,” said 5GMediaHub Project Coordinator Christos Verikoukis, Research Director at CTTC.

Francisco Ibáñez, R&D Project Director at Brainstorm Multimedia, added: “The 5GMediaHub project will allow Brainstorm to use, test and validate 5G technology with its virtual reality and augmented reality graphic applications for the broadcast sesctor.”

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