InfinitySet 3 has advanced graphics features that can incorporate the Aston graphics creation toolset.

Brainstorm to unleash new solutions at IBC2017

Brainstorm will showcase its latest versions of virtual sets and motion graphics solutions at IBC2017.

Making its first time appearance in Europe will be the company’s VisualMedia, a joint solution to provide real-time 3D graphics visualisation based on social media feeds and second screen data created by Brainstorm and, allows for real-time representation of structured social media information by means of data-driven 3D motion graphics

Another European debut will be the InfinitySet 3, which has advanced graphics features that can incorporate the Aston graphics creation toolset — enabling editing, managing and creating high-end 2D and 3D motion graphics with total control, speed and ease of use.

InfinitySet 3, along with advanced rendering features such as PBR and HDR, also supports the Unreal gaming engine, which can be combined with the Brainstorm eStudio engine to create state-of-the-art output with excellent results and endless possibilities.

At booth 7C12 Brainstorm will release SmartSet, a template-based playout solution designed for small and local TV stations, and which provides advanced virtual set and augmented reality (AR) applications without the need to create the sets themselves. Brainstorm’s template solutions play out content to air which has been created by using pre-defined or purpose-built templates designed on Brainstorm applications. Depending on the complexity, sophistication and flexibility of the template, this in turn dictates how ‘smart’ the set can be.

Brainstorm will also introduce an integrated, MOS-based template-based system that allows for complex graphics integration not only in the newsroom but also in most of the common broadcast workflows, transcending the newsroom to support continuity and broadcast traffic as well.

This solution builds on the experience gained with BrainNews, which is the company’s graphics for news application.

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