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Brazilian broadcaster migrates from Neptune to Marina

As a Neptune user for more than a decade, TV Cultura has migrated its playout operations to Marina Lite automation solution from Pebble Beach Systems

TV Cultura, a Brazilian TV broadcaster, has migrated its playout operations to Pebble Beach Systems’ Marina Lite automation solution.

Delivering four main channels featuring national and regional news, cultural programming, music, children’s programmes and documentaries, TV Cultura also delivers Web-based channels as well as broadcasts educational content from São Paulo State Virtual University. All channels are accessible by over 126 million viewers across Brazil.

In an attempt to modernise the equipment and infrastructure of its broadcast operations, TV Cultura assigned Videodata, a systems integrator based in São Paulo, to ensure the successful migration to Pebble Beach Systems’ Marina Lite 4R automation system with a Lighthouse Web-based remote management and monitoring dashboard.

TV Cultura’s facility has two master control rooms, each operating two channels and four GV Maestro master switchers, GV K2 video servers, and a Jupiter router. The installation of Marina will enable the control of the ingest workflow for TV Cultura, according to Pebble Beach Systems, as the system is designed with full redundancy for automation, playout, and the database.

In addition to delivering enhanced integration with the traffic system, this migration will streamline operators’ approvals workflows and media management, as well as their closed caption and Web workflows. Furthermore, Marina is equipped with the ability to deliver flexibility for the operators when it comes to layout creation, while providing reporting and logging for every device and user.

Tom Gittins, CCO at Pebble Beach Systems, concluded: “Our Marina Lite system offers an affordable solution for customers who are looking for a robust, resilient and sophisticated playlist control system that can grow their operational needs and budgets. We are delighted that TV Cultura has once again chosen to place their trust in Pebble, and we look forward to supporting their continued growth for years to come.”



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