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Bridge Technologies introduces new audio panel for VB440 probe

To position its VB440 production probe as a single appliance that gives creatives and technicians alike access to the in-depth information they need to complete their work, Bridge Technologies is adding a range of advancements, beginning with the expansion of the VB440’s audio panel.

This, said Bridge Technologies, facilitates virtually unlimited audio monitoring across an unrestricted number of flows, and which now additionally allows for single channel isolation to pinpoint audio issues.

Each flow is capable of maintaining 64 channels grouped into any required audio bond, from monoaural and stereo channels to fully immersive 7.1.4, with all current Dolby audio standards supported by the probe. 

Simen Frostad, Chairman of Bridge Technologies, said, “We are incredibly proud of the quality of the audio visualisation tools that were already embedded within our VB440. But first and foremost, an audio engineer wants to determine what they can hear.

‘Crystal clear audio is fine, unless it happens to be crystal clear French commentary going out on your live English-language sports broadcast. Only listening can tell you that.

“The range of listening tools now incorporated into the VB440, from single-channel isolation to 7.1 stereo downmix, and the fact that they can be applied to 64 individual channels within each flow with no limit on flow numbers, is really quite remarkable.

“It’s even more remarkable when you consider that audio monitoring is just one of a vast range of production functions handled by the probe.”To find out more, visit booth 1.A71 at IBC 2023, which is taking place from 15 to 18 September at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

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