Broadcast TV and social media create powerful synergy to engage audiences

In a world where global populations are digitally connected around the clock, broadcasters are increasingly finding it advantageous to use social media to reach out to their audiences

TV has entered the realm of social media. While the likes of Facebook and Twitter were once platforms primarily for the display of individualistic ideas and expressions, they are now allowing their users to stream content previously available only on traditional TV platforms.

In fact, as social media platforms continue to compete with broadcast TV for eyeballs, they can plausibly be viewed as the biggest threat to the latter, suggests RV Krishnan, VP graphics, APAC, Vizrt. He tells APB: “Broadcasters have to start looking at ways social media can be leveraged for their own benefit, harnessing synergies and its potential to further their own goals by building loyalty and expanding reach.”

Understand your audience, he urges, because social media appeals to younger demographic profiles who have different needs and consumption patterns, compared to mainstream broadcast viewers.

The sheer volume of short-form content, instant appeal and shareability are primary considerations for video on social media, according to Kirshnan. The downside is how the ubiquity, huge volume of content and its source can erode confidence and the integrity of the content. “This is amply illustrated by the recent spate of fake news and debates questioning the veracity and authenticity of such content,” he explains, while highlighting why the brand of broadcasters is so important in this instance.

“By virtue of being a brand and having the ability with long-form productions, to delve deeply into a subject and expose different facets of discussions, broadcast TV can capture a significant share of audiences who want trusted sources for their news. Broadcasters can leverage the lack of trust in social media to maximise their own viewership.”

Read the full story in the APB October 2018 issue.


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