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Broadpeak Introduces Advanced CDN Solutions at BroadcastAsia Show 2023

Broadpeak, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) solutions, unveiled their latest offerings at the BroadcastAsia Show 2023 in Singapore. The company’s Demo and Training Manager, Anthony Pesin, discussed the innovative features of their new BKS450 server, including the lightning-fast Origin Packager and cloud DVR solutions. With a focus on energy efficiency and high-quality streaming, Broadpeak also highlighted their multicast ABR feature, which allows for simultaneous streaming to one million sessions.

Pesin emphasized the importance of reducing energy consumption for the benefit of the environment. “We are talking about how we can save energy for the Earth,” he said, referring to the multicast ABR feature as an example. Broadpeak aims to address the growing demand for premium content by offering support for Apple TV, delivering content in UHD 4K with Dolby codecs and HDR. As a facilitator between content providers and operators, Broadpeak aims to bring them together for seamless collaboration. “We integrate all the systems except the encoder part, but we have a lot of partners,” Pesin explained.

By optimizing their wall system and leveraging partnerships, Broadpeak ensures the delivery of the best possible performance and user experience. During the interview, Pesin outlined Broadpeak’s commitment to enhancing the streaming ecosystem. “We are proposing another code here about multicast ABR with data from production,” he stated.

The company’s multicast ABR technology enables efficient streaming through the simultaneous delivery of multicast and unicast streams. This approach eliminates the need for multiple streams, reducing bandwidth requirements and ensuring a smooth viewing experience for end-users. Broadpeak’s solutions garnered attention from a diverse range of customers, including content providers and operators. The company’s comprehensive approach to CDN services positions them as a reliable partner in the industry. “We make content providers and operators discussing together,” Pesin highlighted.

The BroadcastAsia Show 2023 provided an ideal platform for Broadpeak to showcase their latest offerings. With the BKS450 server’s impressive performance and the inclusion of advanced features such as cloud DVR and multicast ABR, the company is poised to meet the evolving needs of the streaming industry.

By prioritizing energy efficiency and partnering with key players, Broadpeak aims to shape the future of content delivery and contribute to a more sustainable streaming ecosystem. In conclusion, Broadpeak’s participation at the BroadcastAsia Show 2023 demonstrated their commitment to innovation and collaboration within the CDN space.

With their new BKS450 server and advanced solutions, the company is well-positioned to support the growing demand for high-quality streaming while prioritizing energy efficiency. By bringing content providers and operators together, Broadpeak continues to drive advancements in the streaming industry, offering a seamless and optimized user experience.

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