Broadpeak: Optimise, grow and disrupt

With the advent of direct-to-consumer delivery over cellular network, 5G and cloud technologies continue to steal the show at IBC2019. And Broadpeak was advising clients to optimise, grow and disrupt so as to stay ahead of the competition.

Through content caching on the edge of the cloud with content delivery network (CDN) functions, the congestion on the cellular network is reduced and video delivery is optimised. A demonstration conducted with Sat5G — a consortium of satellite and terrestrial networks for 5G — in June this year affirmed the concept.

The demonstration showcased over-the-air satellite multicast technology for the delivery of live channels using a multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform for CDN integration with efficient edge content delivery; it also highlighted the benefits in terms of bandwidth efficiency and delivery cost of using a satellite-enabled link for provisioning live content in a 5G system.

Indran Sivarajah, project director of SaT5G, said: “SaT5G is a bold project and our goal is to ensure that with the roll-out of 5G networks, the gap between the unconnected and connected worlds does not widen further.

“For mobile operators, these underserved markets are seen as key to accessing the last remaining 1.6 billion subscribers, and satcoms are well positioned to play a major role here.

“We want to build an attractive ‘plug and play’ satcom solution with 5G for telcos and network vendors to accelerate 5G deployment and, at the same time, creating new and growing market opportunities for the satcom industry.”

As mobile consumption is on the rise, Broadpeak is offering clients options to personalise user experience (UX) with contextual ad insertion on mobile devices and grow subscriber base with content prioritisation for premium subscribers.

Broadpeak also offers 5G network slicing for video delivery; for instance, the 5G network could be sliced for IoT, web delivery, and content delivery.

In addition, the native multi-tenant functions include monitoring, quota management, billing and reporting.  Broadpeak told APB at IBC2019: “The network can be sliced and sold separately according to the requirements of the broadcasters, hence optimising video delivery for business.”


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